Introducing Euan Harvie, Trainee Construction Manager

With almost a month under his belt at Linear Projects, Euan Harvie is well and truly in the thick of it with a busy hands on role on the Edinburgh St James Project.

Whilst just 21, Euan has already achieved a standout moment in his career. As part of his final year of study, he achieved great success in the CIOB Global Student Challenge which saw him competing as part of a team which ultimately came 3rd from over 50 teams globally.

Commenting on this experience, Euan said, ‘To represent Scotland in the Global Challenge against teams from all over the world (China, Australia, Indonesia to name a few) gave me and the boys an overwhelming sense of pride. It really showed us how to come together and work as a team under quite high levels of pressure, which of course are both essential aspects of the construction industry. Although each of us had our own individual role, constant communication and teamwork was key. As much as we would have loved to go on and win, finishing 3rd out of 50 teams from all over the world was a good enough achievement for us and an experience we’ll never forget.’

The Challenge saw Euan and his classmates set up their own virtual construction company and each week in real life equalled a financial quarter in the competition. Each week of the Challenge the teams would be given a new list of projects for them to submit bids in their quest to secure the most work and the highest turnover. For Euan is was a hugely valuable experience as it involved working under time pressure and important decision making.

He continued, ‘The most important aspect of the challenge which will truly help me throughout my career was the realisation or the overwhelming need to communicate and work together in order to succeed. I believe this is not only the case in this challenge but remains the case in the construction industry as well.’

Now using this experience in his day to day work, Euan is developing his skills as a Trainee Construction Manager which sees him undertaking a wide ranging role including setting up operatives safely in their work area, marking up drawings to monitor progress to date, attending site co-ordination meetings and monitoring health and safety on site.

Euan is focused on becoming part of a well-established, successful team which will help guide him towards becoming the construction professional he aspires to, ultimately fulfilling his ambitions to become a Project Manager.

Stephen Holmes, CEO, Linear Group, said, ‘Euan is an outstanding young professional and we are extremely pleased to have secured him for our team. His achievement with the Global Student Challenge demonstrates his capability, commitment and hard work which will stand him in good stead as he develops his career with us and within the industry. Euan is a real asset and I am looking forward to seeing him progress and fulfil his potential.’