Acoustic Environment

Linear Projects provides a wide and varied range of acoustic products to achieve the best acoustic environment for your building. 

Through our supply chain partners, we offer a combination of finishes to suit architectural and performance specifications for insulation and reverberation including:

  • Timber

  • Mesh

  • Fabric

  • Metal

  • Fibre

  • Monolithic spray finish

  • Stone wool

  • Glass wool

  • Soft Cell Panels, baffles and rafts

Our wealth of experience comes from having delivered over £10m of products to a wide variety of projects including Hotels, Fitness & Health Clubs, Visitor Centres, Arenas, Exhibition Centres, Education, Commercial and Healthcare spaces.

We believe that early engagement is key as this enables us to provide guidance from design stage through to aftercare.

We can also provide other specialist areas of expertise including:

  • Design responsibility for the integrity of our products

  • Acoustic insulation and reverberation performance

  • Co-ordination of services and pattresses

  • BIM co-ordination of service penetrations

With a broad spectrum of knowledge, an agile, collaborative approach and a proven record in delivering a wide variety of products to multiple sectors, we can minimise your operational, compliance and legacy risks.

Take a look through some of our case studies which showcase our approach and commitment.

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